Guided Tour of Montjuïc Castle Open-Air Film

Guided Tour of Montjuïc Castle + Open-Air Film
Guided tour of Montjuïc Castle + Open-Air Film


Would you like to discover more about Montjuïc Castle and the history of Barcelona? Do you want to go on a walking guided tour around this magnificent viewpoint over the city and then watch a good film in the open air? Well, this activity enables you to do just that: firstly, a fascinating visit to Montjuïc Castle, learning more about the history of this site and enjoying the superb views over the city of Barcelona. And, secondly, admission to the Sala Montjuïc to enjoy a concert followed by a film in the open air.

All this, for just €11!



For more than 350 years, Montjuïc Castle played a key role in the history of Barcelona. A symbol of the Catalan capital’s submission after the defeat of 1714, its cannon were fired on the city and its people on several occasions. Used as a prison and torture centre for more than three centuries, the castle’s dark history culminated dramatically when President Companys was executed by firing squad here on 15 October 1940.

The Sala Montjuïc is perhaps one of the most successful initiatives aimed at reclaiming the Castle for public use. The goal of these new routes, the first of their type to be organised is to contribute to this restoration to citizens of a site where many momentous historic events have taken place. Exploring the walls and moats, we can learn about the relations between Barcelona and its castle, the castle and its environment, whilst discovering the city from a new and unusual perspective.

When the tour ends and the Sala Montjuïc opens, we can enter this unique open-air cinema, which occupies the Fossat de Santa Eulàlia (Saint Eulàlia Moat) to enjoy, firstly, a concert and, secondly, a film, shown in original version on a giant screen. The spacious lawns enable visitors to bring their dinner and have a picnic as the sun slowly sets.




- Guided tours every day

  • Tour begins: 7 pm
  • Duration of visit: 60 mins
  • Sala Montjuïc opens: 8.30 pm

- Meeting point: Castle gate.
- Maximum number of people per group:  25
- Price: 10€ (includes visit + admission to Sala Montjuïc)
- Language: in Spanish