10:15pm – FILM
La propera pell (The Next Skin), Isaki Lacuesta, Isa Campo, Spain, 2016
Original version in Catalan, Spanish and some dialogues in French. English subtitles.

A teenager comes home after disappearing eight years previously. The family had given him up for dead, and when he returns they are suspicious, wondering whether this is their child or not. A dramatic film with touches of suspense that melds into a poignant portrait on the theme of identity and memory.

Àlex Monner, Emma Suárez and Sergi Lopez star in a superb, gripping film which won three Gaudí Awards: for Best Film, Screenplay and Leading Actress.

Not recommended for spectators under 12 years.

10pm – SHORT
Timecode,  Juanjo Giménez Peña, Spain, 2016

Luna is a security guard who works in the car park of an office block. She hardly ever sees Diego, who works the other shift. However, Luna will find an original way to communicate with her colleague

8:45pm – LIVE MUSIC
Renaldo & Clara (pop, indie, folk)

Virginia Woolf

In their new album, Els afores, Renaldo & Clara reinvent themselves. Leaving behind their pop roots, they opt for a faster, more vibrant sound, full of nuance and colour. They also abandon melancholy and start to look outwards. Their lyrics, by Clara Viñals, also lose the introspective quality of the band’s debut album to cast a gaze on the world around. Now, Clara’s pure, soulful voice takes on an ironic, even acid tone. Renaldo & Clara released two EPs when they began to appear at festivals like BAM, Primavera Club, Faraday and so on. Their first album, Fruits del bosc (Bankrobber, 2014) opened new doors, and they played Primavera Sound, Vida Festival, PopArb, etc. Els afores now shows a band that is continuing to grow musically.

Clara Viñals: vocals and electric guitar
Hugo Alarcón: keyboards, electric guitar and backing vocals
Víctor Ayuso: bass and backing vocals
Lluís Bestard: drums