10 pm – FILM
The General, Buster Keaton, USA, 1926
Original version in English with Spanish subtitles, accompanied by live music.

Johnny Gray is a Southern railway engineer with two great loves: a girl (Annabelle Lee) and a locomotive (The General). When the Civil War breaks out in 1861, Johnny tries to enlist, but he is considered too valuable in his rearguard job. However, Anabelle thinks he is a coward and refuses to speak to him. Our hero can only show his true valour when Unionist spies steal his train, kidnapping Annabelle. Johnny immediately sets off in hot pursuit, driving another locomotive to pursue the Yankees and rescue his two beloved ones.

This film-concert enables the whole family to enjoy a classic film, accompanied by live music performed by a chamber ensemble of musicians from the Vallès Symphony Orchestra and a jazz trio, conducted by the maestro Guerassim Voronkov, who composed the music for this showing with Hernan Serna.

Buster Keaton is a master of gags and narrative pace, and this session, with its live music, is guaranteed to transport the spectator to the heart and soul of the slapstick art. 

Suitable for all audiences.


Cinema-Concert Cast

Director & Piano – Guerassim Voronkov
Guitar I – Hernán “Chino” Serna
Guitar II – Albert Bello
Double bass – Sergio Mesa
Drums – Jake Klamburg
I Violin – Marta Cardona
II Violin – Giovanni Giri
Viola – Vicent Nogués
Violoncello – Olga Mensenin
Oboe – Francesc Colomina
Clarinet – Antoni Galan
Trumpet – Carlos Megías
Percussion – Guillem Ruiz


8.45 pm – CONCERT
The Symphonic Film Quartet

Simfònica Film Quartet

The Symphonic Film Live

The Symphonic Film Live, which sprang from the Vallès Symphony Orchestra, is a string quartet formed by two violins, viola and cello. This chamber ensemble really comes to life on stage, performing a widee repertoire that ranges from the power of The Godfather to the tender charm of The Wizard of Oz, as well as iconic themes from James Bond, West Side Story and so on.

Marta Cardona: 1st violin
Giovanni Giri: 2nd violin
Vicent Nogués: viola
Olga Mensenin: cello