10:15pm – FILM
Omar, Hany Abu-Assad, Palestine, 2013
Original version in Hebrew and Arabic with Spanish subtitles

Omar is a young Palestinian used to dodging the bullets fired by soldiers guarding the wall in the occupied territories in order to visit Nadia, his secret love. But when one day he is caught after an action by the resistance, the military police begin to persecute him. Suspicion and betrayal threaten his relationship with his childhood friends, Amjad and Tariq, Nadia’s brother. Omar’s feelings become divided, like Palestine, even though all his actions are guided by his love for Nadia.

The director of Paradise Now presents a superb film, hard and realistic, both love story and gripping political thriller, featuring magnificent performances.

Not recommended for spectators under 16 years.

10pm – SHORT
Ringo, Adrià Pagès, Spain, 2016

Original version in Spanish

Irene’s grandmother suddenly confesses that she is Ringo Starr. Although it seems like a case of dementia, Irene refuses to believe it. In her view, all the signs are that her grandmother has been possessed by the spirit of Ringo Starr.

8:45pm – LIVE MUSIC
Yacine & the Oriental Groove (electronica and Algerian folk, Western pop, funk, Greek melodies).

Virginia Woolf

Yacine & the Oriental Groove have learned how to move musically between two cultures as naturally as can be, while rejecting all labels and artifice. The band’s strongest point continues to be their energetic, adrenalin-filled live show, when audiences really see them at their finest. They stage is their natural habitat, as they have shown in more than 200 concerts since 2010, playing venues in Catalonia and Spain, France, Hungary, Algeria and Canada.

Vocals: Yacine
Lute: Yannis Papaioannou
Sax: Ertugrul
Bass and guitar: Massinissa Aït-Ahmed
Drums: Dani Clavera