10:15pm – FILM
Mustang, Denize Gamze Ergüven, France, 2015
Original version in Turkish with Spanish subtitles

Five sisters from a village in northern Turkey play on the beach with a group of boys. But what might appear an innocent rural scene becomes twisted into an obscene act perpetrated by these teenagers. The family decides to curtail the girls’ freedom and confine them at home in order to ensure their good behaviour as future wives.

Mustang, a hymn to freedom and a protest against an oppressive patriarchal society, received the 2015 Goya for Best European Film.

Not recommended for spectators under 7 years..

10pm – SHORT
Tiger, Aina Clotet, Spain, 2016

A young couple about to have their first baby lose their cat. This event sparks off a series of reactions that reveal the differences between the pair.

Gökhan Sürer Quintet (Jazz fusion, Funk i Rock)

Virginia Woolf

Having first trained as a musician in Turkey, and after a spell in New York, Gökhan Sürer came to Barcelona in 2013. The band he formed in the Catalan capital, the Gökhan Sürer Quintet, fuses jazz and music from Anatolia with funk and rock grooves. Featuring musicians from all around the world – Mexico, France, Catalonia and Turkey – the Gökhan Sürer Quintet are busily blazing new trails in “oriental jazz”.

Gökhan Sürer: Keyboard
Alan Chehab: Oud
Juan Carlos Buchan: Double bass
Albert Enkaminanko: Percusion
Aureliéne Landy Gana: Drums