10 pm – FILM 
Pride, United Kingdom and France, 2015
Original version in English with Spanish subtitles

It is 1984, and the National Union of Miners is on strike against Margaret Thatcher’s neoliberal policies, bringing the British coal industry to a standstill. During the Gay Pride march that year, a group of gays and lesbians decide to raise money to help the striking miners. However, the union is reluctant to accept their money, so the LGSM set off in a minibus to make their donation in person at a mining village in South Wales. And so begins the extraordinary story of two communities that join forces against a common enemy.

Hilarious and moving, the “Full Monty” formula continues to win over audiences. The key to the success of Pride are its honesty and the movingly real characters we meet as this true story develops. 

Not recommended for spectators under 7 years

10 pm – SHORT
Les petites coses, Alberto Rodríguez, Spain, 2016

8.45 pm – CONCERT

Black & Blue (non-è-jazz)


Black & Blue were founded in late-2013 at Barcelona’s Taller de Músics music workshop. They take their inspiration from “non-è-jazz”, their own personal jazz style that abandons classical virtuoso performance for a more natural, audience-friendly approach. The quartet blend swing, bossa, blues, soul and funk to produce their own language as they perform a mixture of standards and contemporary songs, creating a relaxed, sensual atmosphere.

Patty Lodeiro: vocals
Nil Sichau: bass
Josep Tarbal: guitar
Néstor Vinaixa: sax