10.15 pm – FILM 
Mandarinas, Zaza Urushadze, Estonia and Georgia, 2015
Original version with Spanish and English subtitles

The year is 1992, and civil war has broken out in Georgia amongst those who want to redraw the country’s borders. Although most of his compatriots have returned home to flee the fighting, Ivo, an old Estonian, decides to stay and help his friend Margus take in the tangerine harvest. Ivo tries to stay clear of the dangerous events that are happening nearby, but then two soldiers are hurt near his house and he must look after them. The two young men are on opposing sides, and the old man soon realises that the wounds which require healing are not only on their bodies.

A moving film that has received awards at many festivals speaks to us, with scrupulous respect, of love and fear of the other. The screenplay, humble but magnificent, the superb performances and the illuminating photography provide the architecture for a meditation on our place in life.

Not recommended for spectators under 12 years  / 2016 Gaudí Prize for Best European Film

10 pm – SHORT
La inquilina, Mar Coll, Spain, 2015

8.45 pm – CONCERT

Balkan Paradise Orchestra (Balkan music)


Eight women, brass and woodwind and percussion players, come together in Barcelona to embark on a musical adventure that revolves around traditional Balkan Gypsy music. Their unusual format breathes fresh energy and joy into their chosen genre. The band make their debut with a show entitled The Brides Are Coming Tour, influenced by artists like Fanfare Ciocarlia and Boban & Marco Markovic, with a repertoire that includes songs from Greece, Albania, Turkey, Serbia, Montenegro and, especially, Romania.

Alba Careta: trumpet and vocals
Hanneke Ilse: trumpet
Eva Garín: clarinet
Alba Ramírez: horn
Maria Cofan: trombone
Maria Astallé: bass trombone
Olivia Casas: tuba
Alba Rodríguez: percussion