10 pm FILM
Interstellar, Christopher Nolan, USA and United Kingdom, 2014
Original version in English with Spanish subtitles

Earth is becoming uninhabitable, a dustbowl. Former pilot Joseph Cooper and biotechnologist Amelia Brand head off on a daring mission, one vital to the survival of the human species, a journey through a black hole to seek a new home somewhere in the stars.

Apart from creating a well-constructed story full of fascinating images, the latest film from the visionary director Christopher Nolan is a dialogue between science and spirituality and an in-depth meditation on what it means to be a human being.

Not recommended for spectators under 12 years

8.45 pm CONCERT
Amadeu Casas Quartet (blues and jazz)


This superb band, formed by leading figures on the Catalan scene, serve up a high-octane set performed in their own unique musical language. Their repertoire revolves around their own compositions, mixed with versions of blues, jazz and gospel standards.

Amadeu Casas: guitar and vocals
Fernando Tejero: keyboards
Matías Míguez: electric bass
Salvador Toscano: drums