10.15 pm – FILM 
Casablanca, (USA, 1942), by Michael Curtiz
Original version in English with Spanish subtitles

During World War II, the Moroccan city of Casablanca provides a hideout for many fugitives from the Nazis. Getting there is easy, but leaving is much trickier. The only chance that Victor László, a hero of the Czech resistance, has to escape the Gestapo lies in the hands of a cynical American expatriate named Rick Blane. Trapped between his sense of responsibility and his love for László’s wife, the owner of Rick’s Café will have to choose between moral values and personal happiness.

A superb script, gripping emotional intensity and the chemistry between Bogart and Bergman combine make Casablanca an all-time Hollywood classic. The iconic piano melody of As Time Goes By has increased the film’s fame, which has grown constantly since this cinematic masterpiece was first shown.

Suitable for all audiences

10 pm  – SHORT
El abrazo, (Spain, 2015), by Iñaki Sánchez Arrieta

8.45 pm – CONCERT
Mystèretrio Quartet (Latin swing, manouche, Afro-jazz and groove influences)


After sixteen years on the road, this ensemble, a trio at first, became a quartet. Double bass was added to electro-acoustic guitars and drums to weave new sound landscapes. Their nomad swing, enriched by Latin, manouche, Afro-jazz and groove influences, oozes virtuoso skill and a delightful sense of melody, revealing the close musical understanding between the four. The presentation of their latest effort, Les saisons du swing, provides a magnificent chance to join them on their journey once more.

Christophe Gruel: guitar
Cyril Salvagnac: guitar
Laurent Meyer: drums and percussion
Fabrice Camboulive: double bass