10.15 pm – FILM
Birdman, Alejandro González Iñárritu, USA, 2015
Original version in English with Spanish subtitles

Riggan Thomson, a fading actor best known for his superhero film roles, is attempting to revive his professional career by directing and starring in a play by Raymond Carver at a Broadway theatre. Days before the premiere, the actor finds himself attempting to put his family life in order, deal with the unpredictable behaviour of a narcissistic young actor, fight against his alter ego, Birdman, and win over the critic who wants an excuse to bury him.

A meditation on the capricious nature of fame, a work full of metaphors and narrative layers, Birdman envelopes the spectator in a spiral of absorbing scenes. A masterpiece that won Iñarritu the Oscar for Best Film in 2014. 

Not recommended for spectators under 16 years

10 pm – SHORT
2037, Enric Pardo Ramírez, Catalonia, 2016

8.45 pm – CONCERT

Gafieira Miúda (samba)


Light, airy dresses and high heels for the girls; panama hats, white linen suits and braces for the men; this is the dress code for the gafieira, a Brazilian dance hall classic of the 1940s. Gafieira is a place, a way of life, a fashion, a ballroom dance and a type of samba, accompanied by an orchestra. The seven-piece band Gafieira Miúda, founded in Barcelona in 2010, recreate a miniature gafieira ensemble to revive this tradition and transport us back to those magical times, those legendary clubs. Their repertoire, enriched by their own compositions, is shaped by the syncopated rhythm of the samba, the timbre of female vocals and the power of wind instruments.

Ana Rossi: vocals
Àlvar Monfort: trumpet and flugelhorn
Alexis Ortega: trombone
Ramiro Pinheiro: guitar
Rodrigo Balduíno: electric bass
Jeffe Otto: drums
Crá Rosa: percussion and vocals