22:15 – FILM
Reservoir Dogs, Quentin Tarantino, USA, 1992

A gang of thieves is hired to pull off a diamond heist. Before they can get away, though, the police arrive at the scene of the crime. Several of the gang are killed, but the rest get away and meet up at the rendezvous point.

Quentin Tarantino’s opera prima was a declaration of intentions as the director set out his stall in terms of style: violence, blood and talent in an innovative time/space structure.

Not recommended for viewers under 18 years / Original version in English with subtitles in Spanish

*MASTERCLASS Quentin Tarantino by Quim Casas in ESTUDIODECINE (limited)
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22:00 – SHORT
En carne viva, Federico Esquerro, Argentina, 2013

20:45 – CONCERT
Sala Montjuïc 2015 - Concert - Matuke and the Final Decision Matuke and the Final Decision (r&b mambo)

Led by Esteban Matuke, this band embark on a retro project that brings together R&B, beat and mambo, an artistic fusion of cultures, as the members come from Chile, Argentina and even Portugal. Live, the band transport us back to the past with their music and their look, inspired by film noir, beatniks and mods, all with a touch of cabaret.

Nina de Brito: vocals
Fer Bramati: electric bass
Miguel Aldunce: guitars, sitar
Diogo Santos / Felipe Gaete: drums
Esteban Matuke: vocals, guitar, percussion