22:15 – PELÍCULA
Wild Tales, Damián Szifron, Argentina, 2014

The characters in these six stories are driven to madness and loss of control by a lover’s betrayal, tragedy, the return of a tormented past and a minor everyday snag that will awaken repressed rage.

One of the finest films to emerge from Argentina in recent years, this is a compendium of six independent tales of violence enriched by dark comedy, a reflection on a corrupt, unfair society in which inequality reigns.  

Not recommended for viewers under 16 years / Original version in Spanish with subtitles in English

22:00 – CORTO
Nena, Alauda Ruiz de Azua, Spain, 2012


Sala Montjuïc 2015 - Barnouche Barnouche (manouche jazz)

Local band Barnouche demonstrate that manouche jazz, a form that emerged in Europe in the 1930s as a fusion of the musette style with the addition of guitar to provide rhythm, is still very much alive. Virtuoso playing and powerful rhythms combine in a show full of originality and music quality that cannot fail to charm both jazz aficionados and those less familiar with the genre.

Fran Asensio: guitar
Ricard Vallina: violin
Oriol González: mandolin
Eric Kopetz: double bass