22:00 – FILM
Moulin Rouge, Baz Luhrmann, Australia, 2001

In bohemian Paris at the turn of the twentieth century, Satine, the star performer at the Moulin Route, delights audiences with her sensuality and beauty. Trapped between the love of two men, a writer and a duke, she fights to leave the cabaret and become an actress.

A romantic, highly visual feast packed with outstanding songs and dance numbers, this innovative, ground-breaking musical, starring Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor, tells the story of the love between a woman and a man.

Not recommended for viewers under 12 years / Original version in English with subtitles in Spanish

20:45 – CONCERT
Swing-Maniacs-Sala-Montjuic-2015 Maniac’s Band (swing)

Lindy, blues, balboa and all the jazz styles you can dance to: that sums up Maniacs’ Band, a large ensemble of experienced musicians. Most of them are keen dancers too, and they can really move their feet once they get going. A repertoire tailor-made for dancers of all tastes, everywhere.

Gemma Antoja / Júlia Múgica: vocals
Albert Herrera: clarinet
Marta Sierra: alto sax
Jaume Pi: tenor sax
Jordi Mas: trombone
Jordi Torras: piano
Irene Sangrador: double bass
Jana Grulichová: washboard
Fran Garcia: drums