22:15 – FILM
The Boy and the World, Alê Abreu, Brazil, 2013

A boy is living with his family in an idyllic part of rural Brazil when his father is forced to go to the city to find work. The boy decides to go and find him, and embarks on an enthralling adventure in which he will discover a different world, one controlled by technology, machines and the media. He sees this new reality through a child’s eyes as he tries to survive in his most innocent, playful way.

A dreamlike, lyrical journey that shows us the dilemmas of the real world through a child’s innocent gaze. An exceptional gem of contemporary animation.

Suitable for all ages. Particularly recommended for children / Film without dialogue


22:00 – SHORT
Fear of flying, Connor Finnegan, Ireland, 2012

20:45 – CONCERT
SAla Montjuïc 2015 - Concert - Gafieira Miúda Gafieira Miúda (Brazilian music)

Gafieira Miúda presents a gafieira orchestra in a small format, adapted to recreate and transport the audience to the universe of these balls. The dance, origin of this whole story, reappears in the musicians costumes as well as in the energy of the band which leads the public throughout the various dance floors.

Ana Rossi: vocals
Jeffe Otto: drums
Àlvar Monfort: flugelhorn & trumpet
Pablo Giménez: flute
Ramón Pinheiro: guitar
Alexis Ortega: trombone
Crá Rosa: percussion
Martin Laportilla: bass