22:15 – FILM
Her, Spike Jonze, USA, 2013

Theodore is a lonely man who works as a letter writer for others. Then he buys a new computer programme, an artificially intelligent operating system designed to satisfy the user’s every need. Theodore is quickly drawn to Samantha, the female voice behind the programme, and they find themselves in love.

A bizarre yet moving love story and a profound, fresh meditation on our relationship with technology and the people around us.

Not recommended for viewers under 12 years / Original version in English with subtitles in Spanish

22:00 – SHORT
D’acord, Alejandro Amenábar, Spain, 2015

Sala Montjuïc 2015 - Concert - Rocio Facks Quintet Rocío Faks Quintet (jazz fusion)

The voice of Rocío Faks is accompanied by sax, piano, double bass and percussion in a band of eclectic musicians from around the world in a jazz fusion that brings together talent and sounds from two southern regions: the south of Latin America and southern Spain.

Rocío Faks: vocals
Gabriel Amargant: sax and clarinet
Marco Mezquida: piano
Paco Perera: double bass
Salvador Toscano: drums