22:15 – PELÍCULA
El Gran Hotel Budapest, Wes Anderson, USA, 2014

Set in Europe during the tumultuous period between the great wars, this is the story of Gustave H., a legendary concierge who befriends his underling, Zero Moustafa. The two become immersed in an adventure when one of Gustave’s conquests, a rich regular guest at the hotel, dies, leaving him a valuable inheritance in Renaissance paintings.

Wes Anderson’s unique universe, filled with colour, music and beauty, is the backdrop to this eccentric comedy, rich in nostalgia and tenderness and featuring a star-studded cast.

Not recommended for viewers under 12 years / Original version in English with subtitles in Spanish

*MASTERCLASS Wes Anderson from Desirée de Fez at ESTUDIODECINE (limited)

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22:00 – CORTO
Todo un futuro juntos, Pablo Remón, Spain, 2014

20:45 – CONCERT

Alán Chehab Quartet (oriental jazz) Sala Montjuïc 2015 - Alan Chehab Quartet

An innovative ensemble that presents music from the east from a more modern perspective, fusing such features as jazz harmony and Afro-Latin rhythms. The quartet’s repertoire ranges from their own compositions to adaptations of traditional Arabic and Turkish music.

Alán Chehab: oud, fretless guitar
Claudio Nervi: keyboards
Juan Carlos Buchan: double bass
Albert Enkaminanko: percussion