22:15 – FILM
Cinema Paradiso, Giuseppe Tornatore, Italy, 1990

Thirty years after leaving the Italian town where he grew up, Salvatore returns home. There, he remembers his childhood, which was marked by his passion for the movies. In those distant days, he loved nothing more than to gaze in awe at the magical moving images on the screen at Cinema Paradiso.

The magical aura of the cinema inundates this classic Italian film, which features superb performances by the cast and a memorable soundtrack composed by Ennio Morricone.

Suitable for all ages / Original version in Italian with subtitles in Spanish

22:00 – SHORT
D’acord, Alejandro Amenábar, Spain, 2015

20:45 – CONCERT

Natsuko Sugao Group (jazz) Concert -Natsuko SugaoThis band, led by Natsuko Sugao, a trumpet player from Japan now living in Barcelona, seek to break down the barriers between classical music and jazz, adding the colour of Japanese music to the mix. As a result, Natsuko plays in his highly personal style over a jazz structure driven by swing in a journey that seems to transport the listener to some of the most spellbinding of Japanese landscapes.

Natsuko Sugao: trumpet and flugelhorn
Gonzalo Levin: tenor sax and flute
Iván González: horn
Darío García: trombone
Enric Peinado: electric guitar
Marc Cuevas: double bass
Josema Martín: drums