22:15 – FILM

SPECIAL FILM-CONCERT featuring a showing of Chaplin’s film The Kid accompanied by a soundtrack composed by Carles Robert and performed by the Catalan Chamber Orchestra.

The Kid, Charles Chaplin, USA, 1921

A penniless single mother hopes that, if she abandons her child, a rich family will find and adopt him. However, the boy ends up being looked after by a tramp. At the age of just five, the kid and his loving guardian will be hurled into tremendous adventures in which they will struggle to survive and stay together.

A silent movie classic, this is Chaplin’s first full-length film, in which the legend of slapstick comedy once more plays his most iconic role: the Tramp.

Suitable for all ages / Silent movie with intertitles in English and Spanish subtitles

*Presentation of the film by Quim Casas – ESTUDIODECINE ( Limited ) More info here



22:00 – SHORT

Cartoon Factory, Dave and Max Fleischer, USA, 1924

20:45 – CONCERT

Clara-Luna-Andreu-Zaragoza-Sala-Montjuic-2015Clara Luna and Andreu Zaragoza (jazz)

This splendid, evocative musical project features a repertoire of jazz and bossa nova standards aimed at giving audiences a glimpse of the full jazz sound through the modest format of a duet. Our two musicians explore their respective roles and take them to the limit in an intimate show featuring the most essential elements of the finest music.

Clara Luna: vocals
Andreu Zaragoza: guitar